Above the Rain

from by Sandy McFadyean



A deeply personal track - Above the Rain reflects on relationships with those near to us in our lives. It contains the theme of loss, but also hope in being part of a larger picture and a world driving constantly forward.


Above the Rain

New covers don’t suit your threadbare chair
Where you’ve sat for thirty years
If I’d been that chair sitting witness there
I’d have crumbled beneath my tears
But that’s what’s happened and I suppose it’s true
I can suffer the burden but can’t suffer you

You left in June to go and live elsewhere
Your friends lead me to believe
But the pain while there Never lasted to be fair
I was too drunk and selfish to grieve
You’re a man who says you’ll love and be true
But its only reflecting love you have for you

But it occurred to me then
As it occurs to me now
That above this rain
there’s stormy clouds
And above these clouds there’s sunshine
And beyond that sun there’s stars
And if you’re gone you’re gone
but things go on and on and on
Things go on and on

What we should do is knock sense into you
And I try to tell them no
Because what’s done can’t be undone as they say
It was your house and you got your way
And what’s is said can’t be unsaid not then or now.
And I know the reason but I don’t know how


from Above the Rain, released September 8, 2016
Written and performed by Sandy McFadyean
Produced by Scott Wanstall, Centurion Sound



all rights reserved


Sandy McFadyean Kilwinning, UK

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